Ball Mill – SBM

Ball-Mill--SBMThis Ball Mill is a very sturdy attachment and mainly used for grinding crystalline materials and for the mixing of dry materials. The Ball Mill consists of the transmission drive, stand of the Ball Mill and the Ball Mill it self. The jar is stainless steel and contains balls, which vary in diameter for 30 to 40 mm. The jar rests on two spindles. One of which is driven spindle. The jar and balls can be sterilized in a water bath. This Attachment is Suitable to Attached in our Both Main Drive.

Technical Specifications

Gross Capacity of drum 5 Kgs.
Working capacity 2.5 Kg.
Net weight 20 Kgs.
Gross weight 38 Kgs.
Dimensions 18’ x 11”x 11” inch
Packing 23? x 14? x 14? inch