Extruder-GMP-A-LaboratoryThe SHAKTI Bench top Roller extruder is a small table-top device that provides the researcher and new product developer a means to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of fine granulation by extrusion. It can also be used for initial formulation development. In case, time and money is saved because the product generated is indicative of that produced in a full-scale production system. The laboratory granulator conserves valuable resources. Only a small amount of research material, sometimes only 100 grams per batch, is needed to obtain a good evaluation. Operation Prepared material is manually feed into a charging hopper which also serves as the extrusion screen. The material is forced through the screen by rotating Rollers. Rollers speed can be adjusted. The fine granules produced collect in a polished stainless steel receiving pan. The Bench top extruders sets up quickly, ready for immediate use. All material contact parts are made of stainless steel and disassemble easily for cleaning. The SHAKTI Bench top extruder includes four screens with 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 mm diameter holes. Other screens are available. The Bench top extruder allows the researcher to quickly evaluate formulation viability.

Technical Specifications

Loading Capacity 200 grams.
Rotating Rollers SS 316
Screen SS 316
Cabinet Material Stainless steel 304 grade.
Electric Supply 220v Single Phase.
Dimensions 475(L) x 485(B) x 590 (H)
Weight 29 kg.