SpheronizerGMP-A-Laboratory-Table-top-SpheronizerSpheronization is widely used within the pharmaceutical and allied industries. Spheroids are small spherical beads or pellets. That is generated in a Spheronizer from extruded material. The diameter of the spheroids is largely determined by the diameter of the Extrudate. You can use spheroids when incompatible active ingredients need to be presented in a single dose or when you require an active ingredient to have different release rates within a single formulation. With spheroids you can have excellent flow and metering properties as well as packing uniformity. With spheronization you can reduce or eliminate dust hazards. Typical spheroid sizes are from 0.8mm to 3.0mm. The Spheronizer has an easy to use operating structure. The front panel has ‘Start’ button, a combined ‘Stop’ and ‘Emergency stop’ button along with indicators for ‘Power on’, ‘Motor on’ and a speed control device that allows changes in disc speed during the spheronization process if required.

Technical Specifications

Loading Capacity 130-150g
Batch sizes between 75g and 100g
Spheronization Process time 1 kg Production / 10 Min.
Cabinet Material SS 304
Electric Supply 220v single phase
Dimensions 250 x 200 x 420 H
Weight 15 kg.