Drum Hoop Mixer

Drum-Hoop-MixerOur Drum Hoop mixer attachment is suitable for power and granule mixing. The Drum Hoop Mixer useful in research laboratory and also pharmaceutical, food, chemical and plastic fields. Drum Hoop Mixer having two parts, A. Main frame unit with Roller stand. B. Acrylic Mixing Drum with Rotating Arrangement. The Drum Hoop Mixer having drum capacity of 5 Kg. And operational capacity 2 to 3 kg. This Attachment is Suitable to Attached in our Both Main Drive.

Technical Specifications

Gross Capacity 5Kgs.
Working capacity 2.5 to 3 Kgs.
Net weight 7 Kgs.
Gross weight 32 Kgs.
Dimensions 16’ x 16”x 16” inch
Packing 17” x 17” x 17” inch