Automatic Vessel Cleaner: AVC-100HT

- Mobile unit brings cleaner to bath
- Automatic timing for validation of vessel cleaning
- Pre-heated reservoir for high temperature vessel washing- High-pressure turbo-wash, brushing and vacuum system -Media neutralized in waste tank 
- Automatic waste discharge
- High and low liuid level with audible warning and safety shutoff
- Overflow control -40-Mesh screen for products retention (optional)
- Built in GFCI shutoff for ground fault protection
- Brush attachment available (optional) The brushing device is mounted on the washing head allowing the brush to rotate, while water sprays from the nozzles. - The majority of the cleaning is done by the rotation of the brush.
The water spray on the brush is to ensure it is clean.
The spraying water remove the dislodged particles from the vessel and pushes them to the bottom of the vessel.
- The vacuum tube mounted in the middle of the washing head reaches the center of the vessel bottom and removes the rinse water.
The vacuum tube removes the rinsing water while the water is spraying and brushes are rotating, and this combined motion ensure the thorough cleaning of the vessels.
- The tip of the vacuum tube moves with the liquid level, this is to ensure a clean vacuum.
The vacuum tip is designed with a shut valve to prevent water back flush to the vessel; only limited water is left accumulated on the bottom.
- The vacuum head cover seals the vessel during the wash, this is to ensure that no water escapes.
After all the liquid in the vessel is removed, the air guide on the vacuum head cover guides the airflow thru the vessel wall that vacuums all the liquid on the vessel wall.