Universal Dissolution Tester with 12 Vessels: UDT-804-12

-12 Spindle, 14
-vessel position configuration -Self-centering vessel design, self
-calibrating speed and temperature control system
-Electronic sampling height adjustment at different media volumes
-Space saving integrated built-in heater/circulator
-Re-calibration reminder system -Automation-ready for online analysis with UV, HPLC and Fiber Optics Systems
-A large easy to read LCD display for speed, temperature and time
-The no-vibration and self-calibrating design ensures all tablets dissolve at the true speed and same temperature
-The drive head is raised and lowered by motorized lift, as is standard on all UDT-804 units
-An acid-resistant vessel plate and height adjustment platform seals the water tank to limit evaporation
-Auto-heat setting for preheating the bath
-Basket & paddle interchangeable shafts Video: