Automated Plate Coater

Automated-Plate-CoaterSpecifically designed for the larger laboratory, the Automated Plate Coater from Novi is capable of processing over 1000 Andersen Impactor collection plates per day with excellent consistency relieving analysts and technicians from time-consuming and inefficient manual coating, improving on both the productivity and the throughput of the more traditional approach.

The Automated Plate Coater from Novi can be modified to take NGI cups.
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AutomatedPlateCoaterRev1 3Detailed specification

Automated Plated Coating for the ACI
• the fully automated plate coating system will process over 1000 ACI plates per day
• comes with storage rack capacity of over 500 ACI plates
• typical coating repeatability better than 5% (by coat weight)
• wide range of viscous coating materials can used
• plates are coated with minimal user time spent
• freshly coated plates are instantly available