Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus DUSA for DPIs

 -Dosage-Unit-Sampling-Apparatus-DUSA-for-DPIsDosage Unit Sampling Apparatus DUSA for DPIs The Dosage Unit Sampling App. DUSA-DPI has been designed from specifications laid down in the various pharmacopoeia for the sampling and testing of Dry Powder Inhalers(DPI's) It is used to perform those tests specified by the relevant compendial standards -
"Total Number of Dis-charges per Container or Inhaler", "Dose Uni-formity" and "Dose Uniformity Over the Entire Contents" as well as those tests designed to simulate the performance of the inhaler during actual use.

04-Unit-DUSA-for-MDI D 3Inhaler-MPA std 3Detail specification