Vacuum Pump for Inhaler Testing

Vacuum-Pump-for-Inhaler-Testing-The requirements of the various pharmacopoeia for flow control clearly define the need for high quality vacuum systems. Westech in conjunction with Erweka GmbH, Germany, supply enclosed rotary vane vacuum pumps to perfom this function.

Detail specification
The VP 1000 Vacuum Pump used for testing MDI's and DPI's employs a Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump rated at 250 litres/ min. free air (210 Litres/min. when used with the control valve).
The unit is supplied complete with an Electronic Digital Flow Meter as standard.

The air-flow is controlled by means of the screw valve on the front of the pump. The screw valve itself creates a restriction to the air flow such that the minimum flow rated achievable is approximately 210 litres/min.